Cigars are products from tobacco leaves wrapped in many layers of dried, fermented leaves. However, the filler and binder are ready from tobacco, and the wrapper is usually either natural or artificial. 

Although Cuban cigars are the world's most popular, they did not originate on the island. Therefore, it remains unknown where you can trace cigar smoking origins. But historians usually believe that people trace cigar smoking back to ancient Mayans. For example, a ceramic vessel dating back to the 10th century represented puffing tobacco leaves tied up with a string. Furthermore, supporting evidence of this theory is the Mayan word 'Sikar,' which means 'to smoke.'

Cigars have a large variety of sizes, flavors, shapes, and strengths to satisfy the wants of any smoker. First, however, you know three main components of a cigar: the filler, the wrapper, and the binder.

How to Keep Your Cigar in Perfect Condition

For people who smoke cigars, it can become something of an obsession. Over time, cigar smokers often develop precise rituals they adhere to every time they smoke and can be pedantic about storing their cigars. However, if you are not privy to this obsession with smoking the 'perfect' cigar, you probably do not understand the need for a cigar humidor.

A cigar humidor's primary purpose is to store and protect cigars. However, many cigar enthusiasts believe you can hold cigars at a precise temperature to maintain their peak flavor. That's precisely what the cigar humidor does - keep a constant temperature. Opinions vary, but the range between 68 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit is perfect for cigars. The humidity must also be controlled and held at around 70-72%.

Cigar enthusiasts have long debated the ideal temperature required for storing cigars. Some insist that a slight fluctuation in temperature can prove detrimental to the flavor of their cigars Orlando and insist on a temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Others are slightly more flexible and allow a slight temperature fluctuation. Generally, they all agree that the lower the temperature, the quicker the cigar will age, which will then source a reduction in flavor. Therefore, a cigar humidor is essential to maintain your favorite cigars' taste, integrity, and color.

You can select from various interior linings, but you prefer cedar generally. Finally, ensure you know the exact size of your favorite cigars before spending on a cigar humidor. Otherwise, you might get home and find you cannot fit them in! It is essential because both cigars and humidors come in various sizes. As soon as you get your cigar, start using it so that your cigars will have a long life, minimal aging, and the best flavor possible.

Cigar accessories

Many types of accessories you can use in conjunction with cigars. Here's a list of standard cigar accessories that you can have on hand:

  1. A cigars Orlando cutter
  2. A lighter to light the end of your cigar
  3. A cigar case
  4. A cigar rest
  5. A humidor to properly store your cigars
  6. The hygrometer to measure the humidity in the humidor
  7. A cigar ashtray to place ashes and stubs
  8. A cigar carrier pocket

Your accessories can make or break your whole cigar experience, so ensure you have quality accessories that will comfort your smoking experience.

Maintain accessories for longer

  • Maintaining the proper humidity inside the cigar humidor

Every humidor has humidifer. Without it, you cannot control the humidity of the humidor inside the box. To maintain the moisture inside the humidor, you must squirt distilled water or humidification solution (propylene glycol and refined water) into the humidor periodically. A respectable amount of distilled water or humidification solution is only needed not to overfill the humidor. 

Always check the hygrometer inside regularly to know whether there is enough humidity. Moreover, the hygrometer would tell you if the humidor keeps the proper moisture inside.

  • Maintaining a great-tasting cigar

Cigars mature as wines do. Therefore, the longer you keep them in a controlled environment, the better they taste. So keep the humidor at 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Your cigar humidor should have the humidifer and the hygrometer to know if you get the proper humidity. So, the cigar humidor's temperature must range from 68 to 72 degrees.

  • Maintaining cigar humidor

Keep the cigar humidor away from direct sunlight. Moreover, never place an object on top of the humidor. So clean the humidor regularly to prevent tobacco beetles from infesting the humidor.